Eye Poppers Ducks & Mini Ducks Mix 2'' Capsules

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  • $35.00

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  • 250 toy-filled 2'' capsules per case
  • Mix of Eye Popper Ducks and Mini Ducks
  • Great for girls and boys!
  • Budget-friendly
  • Display sold separately
  • Toys are about 2''


This collection is a mixture of our Eye Popper Ducks (see item EYPOCE) and our Mini Ducks. This makes the product a lower price per piece than EYPOCE. Designs include Lucky Duck sporting a four leaf clover, a Bling Duck with a dollar sign necklace and others such as Vampire, Zombie and Bulls-Eye. Mini Ducks include iconic symbols such as Yin-Yang, Tuxedo, Goth, Pirate and Vampire. Mix contains about 70% Mini Ducks and about 30% Eye Popper Ducks.