Bungeez in Bulk Bag (100 pcs)

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    ($0.145 Each)

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  • 100 pieces per bag
  • 10 bags per case
  • Stretchy, slingy, bouncy fun
  • 10 kooky characters
  • Toys are about 6''
  • Display sold seperately: BUNGDB


Bungeez are super stretchy characters that are full of fun! Stretch their arms, spin them forward then stretch again and watch them ZOOM spinning backward over and over! Or you can make them ''walk'' by wearing their feet on your fingertips! All 10 characters come in ultra-bright orange, purple, yellow, green, and blue. There's an elephant, a monkey, a bear, a bat, a sumo wrestler, two robots, a ninja, an alien, and a monster to jiggle, wiggle, stretch and spin.