Animal Poppers & Mini-malz Mix in 2'' Capsules (250 pcs)

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  • 250 toy-filled 2'' capsules per case
  • Economy mix
  • Great variety
  • Great for girls and boys!
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This budget-friendly animal themed mix of toys includes A&A's exclusive Animal Poppers and Mini-malz figures in 2" capsules. When you squeeze the Poppers' rubbery, air-filled bodies, part of the animal pops up (or forward, or down)! Squeeze the pig and the snout pops forward! Squeeze the rooster and the comb pops up! Mixed in are the Mini-malz: small, extra-cute farm and forest creature figurines in broght colors that include pigs, turtles, owls, and squirrels. Mix contains approximately 20% Animal Poppers and 80% Mini-malz.